ABC List Revision Working Page

In March of 2006 the Division of Coastal and Ocean Management (DCOM) initiated the processes for a comprehensive revision of the “ABC List” to reflect the ACMP’s statutory and regulatory changes in 2003 and 2004.  DCOM started this initiative by soliciting comments and recommendations for amendments and updates to the Lists.  DCOM used various recommendations received during that 2006 solicitation period to modify the separate portions of the List.

Because of the complexity of the ABC List Revision project the assignment has been separated into the following three separate process phases to maintain continuity: 

  • During “Phase I” DCOM will be reformatting and revising the ABC List to get it consistent with the current 11 AAC 110 ACMP regulations and conducting a consistency review of these revised documents.
  • During “Phase II” DCOM will be developing new proposed A and B-I Listed determinations that have been proposed and once these new proposals have been crafted and assessed by the Program participants, the new proposals will be subjected to a consistency review.  The products of Phases I and II will be combined and submitted as a regulation change under US 44.62.
  • During “Phase III” DCOM will coordinate a long-term, systematic technical review of each “activity series” in the B-I List to amend the GCDs so that each applies to the broadest range of activities proposed within the coastal zone of the State and that includes both consideration of cumulative impacts within the coastal zone and the incorporation of any new applicable coastal district enforceable policies.

Throughout the various phases in the revision process DCOM will continue to consult with representatives of the State resource agencies, the coastal districts, the business community, and the public for input to provide all parties with an updated and comprehensive ABC List.  This “ABC List Revision Working Page” has been organized and provided for interested parties to view draft copies of the ABC List documents DCOM is currently revising and final copies that have completed the revision process.  Check the date of posting to see if the document you are searching for has been recently updated.

Existing "ABC List" approved May 2004

Phase I Process: Revised ABC List

Phase II Process: New and Proposed GCDs

For additional Revision information contact: Joe Donohue