Looking South at Nazan Bay, Atka Island


Community Overview

1999 Population: 92 (Census 2000)
Incorporation Type: 2nd Class City
Borough: Unorganized
School District: Aleutian Region Schools
Regional Native Corporation: Aleut Corporation
Regional Native Non-Profit: Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association
Village Corporation: Atxam Corporation
Village Council: Atka IRA Council
Community Development Quota (CDQ): Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (APICDA)
Location: 52d 12m N Latitude, 174d 12m W Longitude
Land Area: 9 square miles
Water Area: 27 square miles


Location Description

Atka is a small Unangan community located on Atka Island, the fourth largest island in the Aleutian Islands and the largest member in the Andreanof Islands group. The west-southwest orientation of Atka Island is characterized by convoluted Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea coastlines, with many deep bays. The northern, roughly circular portion of Atka Island offers few sheltered areas, and beaches along the coastline are short and narrow, often backed by cliffs rising to volcanic slopes. Lowland areas between Korovin Bay and Nazan Bay consist primarily of sand dune accumulations interspersed with several small ponds (USFWS, 1985). The City of Atka is located on the southwest shore of Nazan Bay near a deep, protected anchorage. An old military jeep road connects the village to Korovin Bay near the site of an old summer fishing camp (Motyka, 1981).

The City of Atka is approximately 1,250 miles by air from Anchorage, 550 miles west of the tip of the Alaska Peninsula, and approximately 90 miles due east by air from the City of Adak, formerly a U.S. Naval station. The location of the village allows relatively easy access to the Bering Sea to the North, and to the Pacific Ocean to the south through Amlia Pass, which separates Atka and Amlia Islands. Isolation influences virtually all aspects of village life, including subsistence participation and interaction with other communities.


For additional information about Atka consult the Aleutians West Coastal Resource Service Area, Volume II, Resource Inventory and Analysis.