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The State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Coastal and Ocean Management (DCOM) has submitted, as a routine program change, revisions to the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP). This change affecting the ACMP includes:

• Revised district coastal management plan for the Bering Straits Coastal Resource Service Area (CRSA)

You may download the DCOM cover letter and all relevant materials by clicking on the links below:

Comments on the routine program change will be accepted by OCRM through the close of business (5:00 P.M. EST) March 18, 2011. Comments should be addressed to:

Mr. John King
Chief, Coastal Programs Division
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
U.S. Department of Commerce
1305 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

If you have any questions on this request or the process, please contact Randy Bates.