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Easement Vacation and Replats

The Easement Vacation Unit is the initial point of contact for applying to vacate an easement managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Information regarding petitioning to replat existing lot lines in the Unorganized Borough is included here because it is handled under the same process and regulations as easement vacations.

DNR approval is required for full or partial vacation of:

  • Section-Line Easements of any width
  • RS 2477 Rights-of-Way
  • Easements “To and Along Public Water” created per AS 38.05.127
  • Alaska Division of Lands (ADL) Right-of-Way
  • Any other easements reserved and managed by DNR

In the Unorganized Borough all of the above plus the following require DNR approval:

  • Vacation of Platted Right-of-Way dedicated to Public Use
  • Vacation of Public Access Easements
  • Replats
  • Replats plus any combination of the above

The vacation of section-line easements and RS 2477 rights-of-way also require the approval of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT/PF). A petition filed with the Easement Vacation Unit will be forwarded to DOT/PF, along with copies of the required submittal. Applicants are not required to petition DOT/PF directly. The Easement Vacation Unit will also solicit review comments directly from other state agencies.

The supporting materials required along with the petition and application fee differ according to the location and type of action requested. Three different situations apply:

1. Easement Vacations Within a Local Platting Authority

The instructions below are the process for vacating DNR-managed easements lying within the jurisdiction of a local platting authority.

Local platting authority is granted to organized boroughs and incorporated cities and municipalities. If your property lies within a incorporated city or borough, you should contact the Easement Vacation Unit of DNR and the appropriate platting authority office to determine whether or not they are exercising their platting authority. If you are unsure how to contact the local platting authority, the Division of Community Advocacy maintains an online Community Database that we have found to be helpful.

Links to Instructions:

Application fees

2. Easement Vacations in the Unorganized Borough

In the unorganized borough, outside local platting authorities, the DNR is the platting authority, in accordance with AS 40.15. Within the Unorganized Borough, the vacation or alteration of any public easement or right-of-way of record is a vacation subject to the requirements of AS 29.40.120-.150, AS 40.15.300(e), and all 11 AAC 51.005.

Links to Instructions:

Application fees

3. Replats in the Unorganized Borough

Within the Unorganized Borough, if new subdivision lotting overlaps, or in any way alters platted lot lines, it is a replat subject to the requirements of AS 29.40.120-.150 and AS 40.15.300(e). Protracted lot lines, depicted as dashed lines, on GLO or BLM rectangular survey plats approved by the federal government are lot lines of record and subject to the same regulations if replatted.

Links to Instructions:

Application / Survey Instruction fees

Downloads useful for drafting:

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